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see the world your way

Tailor Statful to your business. However you need it. Configure data streams, compute them, choose what to analyse and how you want it visualised.

in the moment

The next generation of data aggregation and visualisation. An intersection of art and science that brings together your raw streams

The art and science of data visualisation

The next generation of data aggregation and visualisation. An intersection of art and science that brings together your raw streams

value you can measure

It enables the instrumentation of complex and high-performance environments by capturing and orchestrating metrics from software applications, physical devices or business logic.

  • Configurable

    See the world your way

  • Real Time

    In the moment

  • Power

    The art and science of data visualisation

  • True ROI

    Value you can measure

About us
Know us better
Statful is the next generation of data aggregation and visualisation tool. An intersection of art and science. That brings together raw data streams to show the full spectrum of your business. Always on. Always working. All in real-time.
They trust in us
Every company is unique. No two sources or systems are the same. Or their data. That’s why you need a platform that can be configured to your needs. That will grow alongside you. Effortlessly. And available for you 24/7.
All that you need

Data Exploration

Use the Statful HTTP API and open source clients to send custom application metrics.


Data Visualization

Build real-time dashboards with high-resolution metrics and events visualization.



Build alerting rules in a flexible and integrated UI and be alerted when a metric.

Level-up your business

We know that if you can’t measure something, you can’t value it. That’s why our platform is designed to give results from day one. Statful lets you spot trends in real-time. It leaves our clients better prepared. Meaning they save time, money and manpower – so they can get on with business. You work hard for your money. Let Statful work hard for you.

All that you need

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See the world your way

Statful is built with flexibility and integration in mind. Letting you get on with telling your own data story.

Slice through data with custom tags or baselines. Share and visualise your streams on-the-go. In a perspective everyone can see.

Seamlessly send custom metrics. Use industry-standard open source collectors. Whatever your style. It’s centralised across the operations stack and good to go.


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Real Time

In the moment

Stay one step ahead of critical issues with real-time multi-channel notifications.

Powered by InfluxDB. Giving you high performance and 24/7 response. Ingest vast amounts of data and retrieve it in real-time. All in one place.

Statful lives in the cloud. Meaning our platform is available anywhere and anytime. However you need it.

See data your way with responsive graphs and customisable data views


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The art and science of data visualisation

Statful’s partnership with AWS cloud hosting gives you unrivalled availability, safety and scalability.

Feel the power of when art meets science. Explore data streams across multi-dimensions, and analyse your spectrum in beautiful full colour.

Bring your world together with a sharing feature that empowers your operations and business units. With the tools they need to thrive.

Statful can integrate data from any source and seamlessly scale to the volumes at hand. So we’re with you every step of the way.


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True ROI

Value you can measure

Statful is here from day one. To configure the system as you need it. We can be up-and-running in no time. And there for you every moment after.

Your systems evolve, and so do we. Our wide range of support options means we’ll keep up with your business needs. However they change.

Our telemetry system uses scalable, cloud-based infrastructure. Meaning we take care of all the maintenance. You don’t even need to install it on-site.

They trust in us!
...With Statful monitoring all of our data, we have the confidence that our analysis and vigilance are on point with concise and clear reports covering all areas at all times, With its detailed real-time monitoring capabilities to support us, we’re never running blind!
Saeid Vafaeisefat, Vice President Information Technology atFanDuel Group
Once I started baselining applications and specific samples, I was able to give operations teams and other business units actionable insights into the data. Insights that they needed to make important business decisions
Lars Temme, Director of Engineering at TVG
Statful was key for HOLD's software operation success. Business and software key real-time metrics overlapped and providing major insight.
Guilherme Almeida, CTO, at HOLD
Statful plugged straight-in, the set-up was so easy... We just connected, configured and were up-and-running. It sits so quietly in the background, never slowing our system.
Hugo Costa, Backend Developer, at HOLD
Case Studies
You don’t have to take our word for it. Our clients are open about how Statful has brought their data to life. Here are just a few case studies about the way they use our system, and what it has brought to their business.
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Bringing HOLD's Data to Life
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