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Available on Pro Plan
Share allows teams to manage their Entities and collaborate among themselves, easily sharing information across users.

Ground Rules

  1. Whenever a share action triggers indirect sharing - i.e., sharing another Entity to support the sharing of the current one (e.g. sharing a Dashboard triggers Share Widget) - if previous privileges on the indirectly shared object exist these won’t be overridden.
  2. When a sharing action triggers the indirect sharing of an entity, then:
    • if the user is the owner of that entity, he can decide what permissions are to be given.
    • if the user isn’t the owner, that entity will be shared with minimum - read-only - permissions.
  3. Unsharing an entity with a user will directly impact their dashboard organization, where they will lose access to that entity (i.e., unsharing a widget will remove it from any dashboard it belonged to).
  4. It is possible to graphically distinguish shared entities from self-owned entities.

Sharing Behavior

  • Widget - when a widget is shared, it becomes:

    • available to be added to existing or new dashboards.
    • possible to duplicate it.

  • Dashboard - when a dashboard is shared:

    • any containing Dashboard Group and its widgets will also be shared.
    • it becomes, by default, present in the Shared Dashboards‘ tab.

  • Dashboard Group - when a dashboard group is shared:

    • all of its dashboards and belonging widgets are also shared.
    • it will, by default, be present in the Shared Dashboards‘ tab.

Note: Through the use of visual icons it will be possible to distinguish when there is a self-owned dashboard or widget in the shared dashboards tab and when there is a shared dashboard or widget in the self-owned dashboards tab (differentiating Write and Read permissions).