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Set Up Account

To start using Statful, you should register for a free account.

Go to our Register page and introduce your preferred username, name and email address.

Screenshot of register account

Afterwards, you will receive an email asking to confirm the subscription. Click the provided link, define your password and you are set to go!

As soon as you log in, you are taken to the product’s Overview. First of all, let’s confirm our account’s details.

My Account

Account Name

Every user that signs up with Statful is assigned to an account. By default, the username chosen by you is the same as the account name. An account name is, therefore, an identity created for a user to handle domains, metrics, tokens, and so forth. We will get into these concepts throughout the next sections.

Update Account

You can change the details of your account on the page’s Settings except for your account name. This is a safety measure to guarantee that you do not misplace or lose your account metrics.

First up, find the round avatar on the top of the screen to your right and click on Settings.

Screenshot of settings option

This action leads you to a new page where you are presented with the Entities menu. Once you are there, click on My Account where you can confirm or edit your details.

Screenshot of settings page

Delete Account

To delete your account, go to Settings -> My Account and click on the Delete button. You will see a confirmation box, prompting you to make sure you want to delete your data which includes:

  • User details;
  • Owned and shared entities;
  • Association to other accounts (on Pro Plan).

Changed Your Mind?

You can recover your account within the first 15 days of deleting it, but only if you’re a Pro Plan user (Free users’ accounts are deleted immediately). If you have changed your mind, send us an email, and we’ll gladly help you get back your account.

Pro Plan

There are two main types of account, in addition to a third one for startups - but we will focus on the Free and Pro Plan types. Some of the differences between each type of account are mentioned throughout our documentation. However, a digest of each type of account is described here for your convenience.

To upgrade a Free account, please send us an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The first Pro Plan account you create is, as a rule, an administrative account. To make changes on your account, as a Pro Plan user, the procedure is the same from before (Settings -> My Account). As an admin, it’s possible to add or edit users associated with this account.

Manage Users

Go to Settings, and select the menu IAM (which stands for Identity and Access Management).

Screenshot of page IAM

If you want to associate your Admin account with another Statful user, click on the Associate User button and add that user’s registration email. If no account for that user exists, you may create an account request for them by adding a New User, and an email invitation is sent out to them.

Editing the details of an associated user account is also possible. For that, click on the user’s entry in the IAM table. It takes you to that user’s profile page where, once again, you may change any of their details except for the username.

Screenshot of User details

Along with the Name and Email, you can assign a Role to your users to allow them further privileges to your account. To learn more about Roles, please go to this section.

Delete User

On the other hand, if for some reason you need to delete a user account, you’ll need to take care of a few things first. If they own shared entities, you might need to Transfer Ownership.

Go to Settings -> IAM -> click on the Delete icon next to your user’s email address. It’ll ask you to confirm or to Transfer Ownership, where you can choose a different user from the dropdown list to inherit that user’s entities.

Screenshot Delete icon

Screenshot Delete User

Once you are done, press the Delete account button one last time to confirm this action. If you don’t need to transfer ownership and prefer deleting everything associated with that user instead, then leave the Transfer Ownership option blank.

To close your administrative account, please send us an email (but know that we’ll miss you!)