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Statful takes security seriously and follows the industry’s best practices to guarantee that your data is secure.

If you have any concerns or questions, please send us an email.


The Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an encryption protocol that provides communication security.

Statful implements this protocol to ensure data integrity and privacy. As such, all HTTP requests are submitted to Statful over a TLS-encrypted connection.


We have now established that metrics need to be sent over an encrypted connection.

It is also essential to assert that the server clearly identifies the account name that you are sending the metrics to.

Thus, an Authentication Token is required or, if you are using the JavaScript Client, you will need a whitelisted Domain name to identify any request made.

You can see how to create and manage your tokens and domains on the provided links.

HTTP Status

To indicate the success or failure of an HTTP request, Statful uses HTTP status codes as a response. These codes are used as is the standard practice:

A response code of 2xx indicates that the operation was carried out with success.
Other error codes point to either a client error (4xx) or a server error (5xx).

A client error (4xx) may indicate, e.g., that you forgot a parameter on your request, whereas a server error (5xx) points to an error occurring on Statful’s server side. On the latter context, please retry your request to get it to succeed.