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In Statful, actions over entities are controlled based on permissions. The available permissions over a given entity are:

  • Read: user can visualize the entity but can’t make changes to it.
  • Write: user can visualize and make changes to the entity, including the delete action.


The entities that exist in Statful are:

  • Dashboard Groups
  • Dashboards
  • Widgets
  • Metrics
  • Custom Timelines
  • Alerts
  • Notification Profiles
  • Roles
  • Users

Over these entities, users have access to different functionalities, such as:

  • Create Dashboard Group
  • Delete Widget
  • Share Dashboard

Statful also uses the concept of Roles to support access to given functionalities. Currently, Statful has built-in the User and Administrator roles - custom roles are planned for a future release.

  • User can access basic features such as Create Widgets, Create Dashboards, Management of Alerts, Associate Domains and Create API Tokens.

  • Administrator can perform all the above plus Identity and Access Management (IAM) actions such as User Creation, User Maintenance, User Delete, Disassociate Domains and Delete API Tokens.

Ground Rules

  1. When an Entity is created it is always associated with a User, its owner.
  2. The owner and all Admin users have full control over the entity.
  3. An entity can only be shared by its owner.
  4. When sharing an entity, the owner has to define the permissions to be granted.
  5. Entities that can be shared:
    • Dashboard Groups
    • Dashboards
    • Widgets