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Organisation Entities

When you create an Organisation Entity, it becomes immediately available for every User associated with the same Organisation.

It triggers Write permissions on these Entities across users, who can later manage them from the Entities Menu.

Note: As a quick reminder, Entities under this group include: Metrics, Alerts and Events, Notification Profiles and Custom Timelines.

For the next titles, we’ll explore them.


Metrics are a time-ordered set of data points that you publish to Statful.

It is the observable data on our platform that a User can manipulate, model, apply functions to or transfer to another User.

Submitting Metrics

There are different submission methods to send in your metrics:

Naming Metrics

To learn about the ingestion protocol format and its syntax, please refer to this page.

Custom Timeline

You can set a time interval for when an observable set of data occurs.

Use the Timeline to help you quickly turn complex data into clear visuals.

To set it up, you need to head to any graphic header (on Dashboards or Explorer Menu):

  • By default, a time frame of 1 hour is selected; however available options range from 60 seconds to 30 days behind the current date;
  • Define a target beginning and end date, by picking them from the date picker, as shown below.

Highlight Date Picker for Timeline

  • Afterwards, you can add a caption and Save it, thus constituting a Custom Timeline.


Available on our Pro Plan

Alerts are condition-based notifications triggered by the analysis of data ingested by Statful.

To learn more about Alerts, please find the reference here.

Notification Profiles

Available on our Pro Plan

A Notification Profile allows you to determine your incoming notifications channels of communication.

Once you set it up, you can link any number of Notification Profiles to one or multiple Alerts to configure the when and what you are notified for (check here for more details).