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Notification Profiles

Available on our Pro Plan

Use Notification Profiles to set up the incoming channel of notifications of an Alert.

To add a new Profile, go to Settings -> Notification Profiles and click on the +New profile button.

Add Notification Profile

Add a new notification email or method:

  • Slack - introduce any given webhook URL using, e.g., the Incoming Webhooks app integration and set the channel name to where you want to send notifications;
  • PagerDuty - at the time, only one service key per Notification Profile is allowed, but you can add different keys to other Profiles;
  • Webhook - add any other custom webhook URL where to deliver requests. Here you will need to set up the way you want it delivered, but the majority of webhooks will typically POST data as JSON to be interpreted.


To set up PagerDuty, all you need is the API Service Key.

Check out their documentation here on how to generate your key.

Once triggered, alerts become available at PagerDuty, enabling insight to an on-call person.