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An Entity is the singular distinct element or concept on Statful that can have relationships established with other Entities.

All Entities are created and managed by you, the User, as the particular type of Entity created to interact (Create, Read, Update and Delete) with others.

The full list of Statful’s Entities is as follows:

Here is an overview of the relationship model between these Entities:

Entity Diagram

From User and Organisation, we can define group Entities that set the default Permissions of the elements created from this point on. As such, we refer to the child Entities as owned:

  • User (IAM) owns User Entities;
  • Organisation owns Organisation Entities.

Owned Entities

The typical use case of Statful is, you are a User who has Admin privileges to manage an Organisation, and invites other users to share the project. Some of the Entities that you create are owned by your User exclusively, others by your Organisation.

Let’s look into better understanding the Entities, their relationships and Permissions on the following titles.