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Dashboards and Groups

Dashboards allow you to group and organize Widgets which are to be visually compared or that are somehow related and make sense to be placed together. Within a Dashboard, it is possible to define a single Timeline, Resolution or Templating configuration that will be applied to all the widgets in that dashboard.

If there are multiple dashboards that have key information (which might be looked into daily, e.g.), there is the possibility of marking them as Favorite and have access to them in a single place - it doesn’t matter if they are in different Dashboard Groups.

With the Export Widget feature, available on Pro Plan, it is possible to collaborate with others by exporting the dashboard widget’s information and sharing it. There are two ways to do this: by downloading a file into the users’ computer; or directly sending an email with any additional or relevant notes. The supported file formats are:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • JSON


This feature can be used to select Tags (one or more) to act as anchors that will be available as filters by tag/values and will override the queries of all widgets in the dashboard.

In summary, this will allow to quickly change the data being seen on a dashboard with a single click and without having to reconfigure multiple widgets (e.g. reuse a dashboard for the same application in multiple environments or have a common dashboard for multiple micro-services).

Note: Timeline and Resolution concepts described in the Widgets section are applied on Dashboards.

Dashboard Groups

A Dashboard Group allows the grouping of multiple dashboards that share a common theme from an organizational perspective.