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We have two different menus to hone in the visualisation and manipulation of your data. The Dashboards menu lets you draw a picture of your system’s status.

Define granularity, filter values, however you need.

Dashboards Menu overview

From this page, it is possible to:

  • Manage (Create, Edit, Delete or Share) User Entities - depicted on section 1 and 2;
  • Customise the Widgets display by dimensioning, dragging and dropping windows to place - on section 3; or
  • Highlight and anchor Dashboards, Tags, and more!

Here’s a quick overview of the management actions:

Entities/ActionDashboard GroupDashboardWidget
Create+New Group buttonAdd Dashboard on DGroup’s context menu to the rightAdd new/existent widget buttons from the Dashboard’s context menu; or click on the quick access buttons when creating a new Dashboard
EditRename it on the context menu to the rightEdit the name on top; or change its description on the context menuClick on the Edit button on hover menu
DeleteRed Delete option in the context menu to the rightDelete option on the context menu to the rightDelete button on hover menu
ShareOption in the context menu to the rightOption in the context menu to the rightOption available at the Explorer menu

And where you can find them:

Entities/ActionDashboard GroupDashboardWidget
CreateSection 1Section 1Section 2 or 3
EditSection 1Section 2Section 3
DeleteSection 1Section 2Section 3
ShareSection 1Section 2-

A few functional features are only accessible from this menu:

Save a favourite Dashboard

Once you have a few Dashboards added to your project, there’s usually a preference of some over the others. Go to the Dashboard that you want to highlight and click on the star icon next to the Dashboard’s name.

Favourite Dashboard highlight

The Favorites shortlist on your left-hand side is updated with your Dashboard of choice.

Export Widget

On top of each Widget sits the Export Widget feature. This feature is a particular type of collaboration where you are sending that Dashboard Widget’s information on the file format.

Export Widget highlight

By clicking on Export, you can choose from two options:

  • download the file into the User’s computer; or
  • directly send an email with any additional or relevant notes.

The currently supported file formats are PNG, JPG, and JSON.

Customisation of Widgets

The highlighted arrow on the right-hand corner on the bottom of Widgets triggers the dimension feature. Try it out, click and shrink it to change the width or height of a Widget, or to fit more.

Resizing Widget highlight

If you want to reposition the Widget, click and drag the mouse on top of its window.

To find more about customisation, or other features such as application of Functions and Tags, go to the Explorer menu.