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Collectd is and industry standard open source systems collector. Statful is wire compatible with the Collectd write_http plugin which means it can receive, store and display collectd received metrics.


To integrate collectd and Statful add the write_http plugin to your Collectd configuration file with the configuration specific to your account.

An example of the configuration can be found next:

<Plugin write_http>
    <Node "hostname">
      URL ",local=UK"
      User "collectd"
      Password "231a4f07-0c1b-lk63-2s32-1d4434d6hkdb"
      Format "JSON"

This configuration sends data collectd from all the enabled Collectd plugins through write_http into Statful with the tags:

  • key: environment - value: dev
  • key: local - value: UK.


A subset of the most common Collectd plugins (load, cpu, df, disk, etc.) is automatically enriched with special name tags. For example the load plugin is automatically tagged with host and type.