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We take security seriously. We follow security best practices to guarantee that your data is secure. Please let us know if you have any concerns or recommendations!


All HTTP requests to Statful must be done over TLS - it is the current industry standard for securing HTTP traffic.

TLS secures everything in HTTP communication, which includes potentially sensitive information like your metrics or your Access Token.

Access Token

To send metrics to Statful, clients need to provide an Access Token. The clients can also use the access tokens to match incoming data to a Statful account.
Any given account may have several active Access Tokens, which you can use to manage which applications are able to send metrics to Statful.

The Access Token must be sent in every request as the HTTP Header M-Api-Token.


M-Api-Token: 232a7n07-0c1b-4763-fg32-1d4434d623db